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SugarCRM Adds Its SugarPredict AI Capabilities to Supercharge Sales and Service Teams with Automated Sentiment Analysis

by wrich

The Platform Does the Work to Help Organisations Build Stronger Customer Relationships Through an Understanding of Emotion and Intent

CUPERTINO, Calif. – July 20, 2021 – SugarCRM today announced the expansion of its powerful SugarPredict AI capabilities with the addition of sentiment analysis, designed to supercharge every sales and service interaction with the power of knowing each customer and prospect’s emotional state and intent.   

SugarPredict is now embedded within the company’s SugarLive multichannel customer communications application. The SugarLive solution is designed to enable sales and service personnel to track the details of each customer interaction as it’s happening, and effortlessly access customer information across all touch points and channels at the exact moment it’s needed.

Using a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, SugarPredict surfaces sentiment analysis to sales and service teams for next-level, empathic engagement. By providing teams with an understanding of intent, sales and service personnel can be prompted on the next best action to support the customer journey – i.e. to escalate to a supervisor, present a save-the-sale offer, or to take an opportunity to upsell.

Organisations are focusing on harnessing AI as a means of better understanding and delivering on customer needs. By detecting customer intent and emotional state, SugarPredict can empower sales and service professionals to produce the right answers and outcomes quickly and confidently, commanding greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Supervisors can also review sentiment data to evaluate overall customer experience and journey effectiveness – providing the means for continuous improvement in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Paul Greenberg, President of the 56 Group, LLC and author of The Commonwealth of Self Interest: Business Success Through Customer Engagement, has written extensively about the business empathy imperative – the ability to understand what customers and employees are going through, along with the relevant context, and act accordingly.

“One of the highest callings of customer experience professionals and enabling technology platforms is helping customers via an understanding of their struggles and aspirations,” said Greenberg. “AI-powered sentiment analysis weds customer voice and text to business action, providing every sales and service interaction with the means to account for customers’ emotional tone and attitude – context indispensable to supporting exceptional experiences.” 

“You rarely get a second chance to make a great impression with a customer; it’s profoundly important to get each and every interaction right and connect on a deeply human level,” said Sugar CTO Rich Green. “Sales and service professionals are under a great deal of pressure as a customer’s business can be won or lost in a single misstep. This is why we’re proud to be extending SugarPredict sentiment analysis to empower sales and service professionals on the customer front lines – where the battle for customer loyalty is waged on a daily basis.” 

New SugarLive sentiment analysis complements a host of additional new features in SugarCRM’s latest software release as the company continues to redefine the CRM user experience to eliminate blind spots, busy work and roadblocks for marketing, sales, and service teams, while providing a clearer picture of each customer to help businesses reach new levels of performance and predictability.

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