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Martin Herbst and James Caan CBE: how to start, grow, and exit your own recruitment business

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In an upcoming webinar, global recruitment software provider, JobAdder, and Recruitment Entrepreneur founder, James Caan CBE, will be offering the staffing sector key advice on how to start, grow, and eventually exit your own recruitment business in the post-Covid hiring landscape.

Following a year of significant hiring spikes, recruiters have experienced colossal demand. While this sets firms up on an extremely promising growth trajectory, JobAdder has warned that this trend will not be sustainable forever and the landscape will soon change. According to the firm’s latest Global Industry Report, while there have been continuous reports of record-breaking vacancies, the UK saw a 56% decline in the average number of applications for agency users between Q1 and Q4 2021, and a 50% decrease for in-house users during the same time frame, highlighting the extent of the UK’s talent crunch and the challenges that lie ahead.

The webinar session, held on 27th April, will provide the staffing sector with an insider scoop from veteran experts Martin Herbst (CEO of JobAdder) and serial entrepreneur James Caan CBE. The duo will be sharing their expertise and insights on how to take advantage of the current hiring landscape, highlighting their top growth strategies, as well as discussing how to start and end with success, and what potential pitfalls to prepare for.

JobAdder has been a close partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur since launching its CRM platform in the UK, becoming exclusive partners after providing considerable efficiency gains for businesses in the firm’s portfolio.

Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder comments:

“Recruiters and talent acquisition experts have never been in greater demand, but instead of just coasting by, now is the perfect opportunity to act on and make the most of these favourable conditions. With skills shortages rife and vacancies continuing to rise, staffing companies must be strategic, not only maximising on earning potential but, perhaps more importantly, also cementing their longevity for the future of work.”

“I’m delighted that James Caan CBE will be joining me on the webinar, and, with his wealth of experience in the staffing sector alongside his extensive entrepreneurial successes, this will be an unmissable conversation. Not only for those who want to maximise on these favourable conditions but also those who intend to continue to thrive when the market inevitably stabilises.”


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