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Kaloscope’s Metaverse Guarantees Green With NFTrees

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By Magnus Meretric

Thirty-five percent of graduates are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ fearful of the climate crisis today due to record temperatures of fourty-nine degrees Celsius, in cities like Delhi and the climate crisis. The Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy are finding that just over three-quarters of UK households are worried about climate change in March 2020, and there is a genuine need for the successful Web.3 companies to be green or greener.

Kaloscope, the world’s first registered “Social Media Metaverse”, a 3-D digital platform which incorporates Extended Reality, metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technology, has partnered with Serious Shea to support the Great Wall Project of the Sahara and the Sahel. This project is dedicated to planting trees, improving methods of water harvesting, habitat preservation, and maintaining food security. To this end, Kaloscope has launched a novel kind of NFT named “NFTrees”. These are more than digital art objects or metaverse decorations, they correspond to a physical tree that has been planted, and has its geolocation fixed to the respective NFTree. This is an NFT perk that is designed for positive environmental action. 

On the status of many tree-planting projects today, Kirck Allen, Kaloscope’s CEO and Founder, says, “You buy something and people plant a tree. The majority of the time you get a thank you email or a promise to say that a tree will be planted, and it will remove X amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, but there is little in the way of traceability.” NFTrees, on the other hand, because of the blockchain foundation and interactive nature, make positive climate action “more personal, traceable, and guarantees results.” 

Unlike other programs, which fail to encourage or inspire donors, or make verifying that the tree has been planted very difficult, Kaloscope’s efforts are geared towards making a clean world an engaging, more effective, and more rewarding experience.

Allen, himself, has been in the sustainability space for around five years, looking at “sustainable housing, food, construction, clothing, and bio-plastics”, so it was crucial to him that Kaloscope be an ecologically healthy metaverse platform. Thus under Allen’s creative direction, Kaloscope is incorporating emerging technology, like Layer 2 solutions with the transition to Proof-of-Stake blockchain validation, to become more energy efficient, and actively offsetting climate risks through assets like the NFTtrees. 

Kaloscope’s metaverse shows that the future of technology is one wedded to Nature. It is encouraging to see that the cutting-edge of Business and Fintech is mature, prudent, and innovative. 

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