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Creating an effective E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

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By: Natalie Howells, https://www.spidergroup.com/

Having a clear strategy in place is vital for the marketing of your e-commerce business. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to utilise methods that will make you a competitor. It is important that you implement methods that will guarantee long term success, rather than temporary success.

To create these marketing strategies, you need to think of what will ultimately be the most beneficial for your business. The continued support of customers is vital and therefore being proactive is always a priority. You need to keep it relevant, you need to keep it engaging to your audience, you need to be original, and you need clear direction. Here are a few strategies that you can put in place:


By presenting customer reviews, you will give customers a better sense of the product – plus personal experiences are a great way to instil confidence, especially when working within e-commerce, when a customer cannot physically see the item they are interested in.

You should always encourage your customers to leave reviews after purchasing. Not only will this help you gather valuable feedback, those reviews are also an asset in their own right, providing reassurance to future buyers.

Loyalty Programmes

Another way to optimise your marketing strategies is to create loyalty programmes. These encourage customers to build a stronger connection to your brand over time.

Offering exclusive discounts, points for purchases, and early product releases will make you even more appealing as a place for repeat purchases. By rewarding loyal customers, you ensure that they’ll want to come back for more. If they trust and like what you are doing, plus they know that they’ll benefit from it, then customers have more reason to return.

How often do people choose a coffee shop because they have a punch card, more than because that’s their favourite or most convenient place, for example!?

Optimise for Mobile

Most people like to work and simultaneously shop from their phones, so it’s important to adapt your business to mobiles. Your website needs to be mobile responsive, and you should be looking at other ways people buy from their mobile phones. Is an app suitable for you? What about purchasing through Facebook? Can you add ApplePay or other easy online payment methods? Research how your buyers prefer to shop and introduce those options.

Use Video

Instead of just having pictures of your products, you can also showcase items with videos. A video brings your products to life far more than an image can. Social media can also work hand in hand with videography, as you can post videos on YouTube advertising your business and post on your social media accounts. By connecting with customers on their favourite platforms, you will make yourself far more engaging and visible.

Well-worded Product Descriptions

Alongside clear and positive videos of your items, you can optimise the marketing of your business by posting captivating product descriptions. Customers will want to know specifics about your products, they will also want to know about any information that is relevant. It needs to be captivating in order to grab people in and short and snappy sentences will lure customers in much more than fancy language will.

These methods are excellent tools to push your business to the next level – in the wake of the pandemic it’s vital that you overcome and adapt to the ever-changing world around you.

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