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Armadillo Managed Services Launches Cloud Security Assessment Service

by wrich

Platform enables any sized company to accurately evaluate its cloud security and compliance posture in minutes
London, UK – Armadillo, a twenty year veteran Cyber Security MSSP has partnered with C3M, a leader in Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Identity and Entitlement Management (CIEM) to launch its Cloud Security Assessment as a Service to the market, helping companies to gain immediate deep visibility into their cloud infrastructure and cloud security posture.

The fully automated, 100% API based and completely agent less service discovers all the cloud assets of an organisation and identifies risky configurations. Comparing baseline cloud security posture with industry best practices, the assessment service also checks the company’s resources against security policies and multiple compliance standards including PCI DSS, CIS and NIST.

When migrating to the cloud, companies are faced with a unique set of challenges that they struggle to address that include visibility of cloud resources, security posture and skilled cloud resources. With 99% of misconfigurations going unnoticed and the average cost of a data breach in the UK is £2.8 million, the platform assesses the company’s cloud for misconfigurations and cloud best practice, generating reports in near real-time.

“With nearly all security breaches expected to be the fault of the enterprise by next year, leading to costly repercussions, it’s imperative enterprises identify risks within their cloud infrastructure,” said Mark Newns, CEO and Founder, Armadillo. “Our automated security assessment is invaluable in being able to quickly highlight the point in time limitations and weaknesses within an organisation’s cloud. We believe the launch of our new Cloud Security Assessment as a Service, will provide great value and peace of mind to our clients as they continue to accelerate their own digital transformation programmes.”

The Cloud Security Assessment as a Service works by the customer creating a read only service account that Armadillo uses to onboard cloud accounts using the cloud providers API. Metadata of the cloud accounts are then pulled down using the APIs and the data is evaluated to check conformity to security and compliance policies.

Within 30 minutes, reports are produced with: an inventory of all cloud assets across AWS, GCP and Azure clouds; cloud best practice on misconfigurations across the cloud environment and policy compliance (including violating controls and recommendations how to fix them) and compliance checks with various security standards and regulations.

As part of the service launch, Armadillo is offering new customers a free cloud assessment of up to two cloud accounts in the next quarter, worth in excess of £2,000. Further information is available at https://wearearmadillo.com/cloud-security-assessment/

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